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Good Vāstu leads to positive effects for people who use it. The same applies to disadvantageous Vāstu in terms of negative effects. The Vāstu of the living spaces you frequently use makes it possible to predict how specific themes in your life will develop. Similarly…

Hasta Sāmudrika

Hasta means the hand and Sāmudrika its patterns. Palmistry is the art of understanding and interpreting the hand’s patterns, because hands are telling us something – the story of a person’s life. Palmists can give us an insight into a person’s life and experiences…


People have always been fascinated by the stars. With good reason. After all, who can look up at the expanse of the sky on a clear night and not feel humbled by its immensity? There is an overwhelming sense of being part of some greater order; our belief in our own importance…

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In my blog I regularly write articles around the topics of Vedic traditions, often in relation to Jyotisha, Hasta Sāmudrika or Vāstu. Suitable everyday knowledge. Inspiring and useful.


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