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Vāstu – Light and shadow (1)

Mental balance – the so-called clear head. Those who have it own an advantage, calmly achieve their goals and master challenges effectively and calmly. Sounds tempting, seemingly enhancing the quality of life. So how can we achieve […]


When birds help you to navigate

A new professional cooperation is waiting for me, I was informed. A promising project is about to come my way within a few days. How do I know? A bird told me a couple of minutes ago. Sounds unusual? Well, not for an astrologer […]


Your index-finger and times of crisis

It can be long, short, thick or thin. Can be straight, curved, tight, or splayed. Each of its three digits may be different. The index finger. In Palmistry: the Jupiter-finger. It shows many variants and […]

More about my methods

Would you like to learn more about my methods? Then the knowledge sections are available to you. Here you can dive deeper into the background and context of the Vedic tradition as a whole and especially into the three methods of Jyotisha (astrology), Hasta Sāmudrika (palmistry) and Vāstu (living-space design).


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"Good decisions help us to cultivate happiness and success."

- Bernd Roessler

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