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  • Using ancient wisdom to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and make meaningful, informed decisions that align with their unique path in the past, present, and future.

  • Bernd's passion for ancient wisdom ignited in 2000 when he delved into various books on Jyotisha and Ayurveda. Attending Jyotisha conferences in the US and embarking on a 1-year online program in 2003 further fueled his interest. In 2005, he embarked on a transformative journey under the tutelage of his mentor, Hart deFouw, where he delved into the depths of Jyotisha, Sāmudrika, Vāstu, and other ancient wisdom traditions. He remains deeply grateful for Hart's ongoing mentorship and guidance.

  • Bernd resides in the vicinity of Würzburg, a charming university town in Germany. He leverages the power of online resources to consult, coach, and teach individuals and students from around the globe, transcending geographical boundaries.


  • Newcomers to this website may wish to start by gathering more information by watching the provided videos, listening to the offered podcast, reading articles on the blog, or downloading the free e-book "Happiness Trilogy". The next step for most people is to book a consultation or enroll in a seminar. Coaching is available once you have participated in a consultation.

    Your first consultation should be the Basic Consultation (link), which includes a follow-up session three weeks later to ensure you have successfully integrated the insights you gained in the initial appointment.

    To learn Jyotisha Darshana, you can find upcoming seminars here (link). Participation is limited, and seminars typically sell out within hours. You can join the waiting list to ensure priority access when bookings open.


  • Each online consultation and coaching includes Jyotisha and Sāmudrika. Vāstu is not part of the consultations and coachings you can book online.

  • To book a Vāstu consultation, please contact us directly to discuss your needs and preferences. Depending on the size of your project, we will discuss the details to get started in an online meeting, followed by an offer from our end.

  • Your first consultation is crucial, as it provides you with new insights into the dynamics of your life's path. These insights culminate in a tailored mental maxim and a special task for you, both of which enable you to immediately take action and apply what you've learned to achieve success in your current endeavor. To ensure you are on the right track, we meet for a follow-up three weeks later to fine-tune your progress and answer any open questions. The Basic Consultation is, in this sense, a kind of "mini-coaching" and is therefore your best starting point for exploring the benefits of ancient wisdom consultations.


  • A consultation provides you with insights to enhance your understanding of a specific situation or endeavor, enabling you to make informed decisions in alignment with the unfolding dynamics at hand. In contrast, a coaching accompanies you over a period to establish a solid plan, craft a personalized vision, or successfully achieve a goal (guided by insights from Ancient Wisdom Lore).

  • Each coaching program lasts for three months. Depending on the complexity and urgency of the project at hand, you can choose between weekly or monthly sessions, with each session lasting 40 minutes or 90 minutes, respectively.

  • A coaching program commences with a brief setup session, followed by regular sessions spanning three months. The frequency of these sessions is tailored to the project's complexity. You can opt for weekly or monthly sessions. To ensure continuous progress, each session may involve a specific task to be completed before the next session (akin to homework to facilitate progress). Between regular sessions, ongoing messenger communication is available. Every session, task, and interaction is grounded in the insights derived from Ancient Wisdom Lore.

  • Returning clients who have previously undergone an initial Basic Consultation can apply for a coaching online. New clients must first book a Basic Consultation to qualify for coaching services.


  • Placing your name on the waiting list for a course ensures priority access to the booking page when registrations open. Given the high demand for our courses, which often sell out within hours, joining the waiting list is essential for those genuinely interested in participating.

  • To ensure the best possible outcomes for each student, the study of Ancient Wisdom Lore requires dedication and commitment. When a service is constantly available and readily accessible, it can become a mere commodity, undermining the necessary discipline and focus needed to seriously delve into the subtle knowledge of Ancient Wisdom Lore as taught in our courses. By limiting the availability of our courses, both live and self-study, we aim to foster a community of passionate learners who are genuinely invested in the subject matter.

  • When delving into the world of Ancient Wisdom Lore, community plays a pivotal role in your progress. Mastering this profound knowledge relies on three pillars: the quality of the instruction and content, the individual effort of each student, and the benefits derived from collaborative interactions with fellow learners. Our courses meticulously address all three aspects, creating a supportive environment where you can connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and learn from each other's perspectives. Embrace the opportunity to join this vibrant community, where the collective power of shared knowledge and mutual support will accelerate your journey into Ancient Wisdom Lore.


  • We plan our lives with the best intentions, but reality often has different plans for us. Instead of progressing by unfolding our unique potential, we find ourselves constantly battling obstacles and challenges, both in our personal and professional lives. Despite the vast amount of knowledge available, there is a lack of insight into how to meaningfully approach the unfolding of life as a whole or the development of a given situation. This is where Ancient Wisdom Lore steps in, offering its mesmerizing wisdom methods to bridge the gap and provide the missing pieces.

    Ancient Wisdom Lore provides you with insights about your implicit potential and capabilities. It also explicitly guides you on how and when to invest your efforts to expand your success and happiness, while minimising and successfully counteracting or even avoiding challenges on your path. Ancient Wisdom Lore enables you to synchronise your activities with the subtle forces of creation and manifestation as indicated by the natural phenomena of your environment. An environment that begins as close as your own body and reaches up to the celestial realm of the stars. Ancient Wisdom Lore holds a body of subtle knowledge for those individuals who wish to unfold their potential and power to align meaningfully with the bigger picture we are part of, ensuring wellbeing, prosperity, and joyful contentment for oneself and for others.

  • Ancient Wisdom Lore provides subtle knowledge to successfully navigate one's unique path in alignment with the world we are part of. Uniqueness entails the privilege of a "one of a kind" setup, something that is specifically linked to a given time, location, and person. Modern science traces and reduplicates effects to prove their validity for a given purpose. A lot has been accomplished by this strategy, providing progress in many domains of life. However, when it comes to pinpointing the potential and life path of an individual, reduplications of effects do not work. Every moment is different at any place, and what leads to the success of one person may be the fiasko of another. The subtle knowledge available through Ancient Wisdom Lore successfully addresses the highly individual reality of a person or a given situation and their unfoldment, a task modern science is not able to and doesn't need to master.

    For that reason, it is in the very nature of methods like Jyotisha, Vāstu, and Sāmudrika that they cannot satisfy science's expectations. Truth is, if they were able to satisfy modern science, they were no longer able to fulfill the task they were created for over thousands of years filled with observation, calculation, and inspiration. Ancient Wisdom Lore and modern science master different domains for different tasks. Both are valuable for the respective endeavor and will continue to coexist. There is no need for one to compete with or disapprove of the other.

  • The methods of Ancient Wisdom Lore provide insights into the unfolding of life and events in the past, present, and future. However, if this unfolding could be manipulated solely by our attitudes or thought patterns, these methods would be redundant. Consider this: Have you ever made well-intentioned resolutions that didn't come to pass? Have you had plans that failed to materialize? Have you encountered unexpected challenges in your life? Do you know of any couples who got married intending to divorce? If our thoughts were the sole determinant of our outcomes, how could these scenarios unfold? The truth is, even predictions made by masters of Ancient Wisdom Lore sometimes do not come true. How could this be possible if it were all about wishful thinking? In essence, Ancient Wisdom Lore is not based on wishful thinking that leads to self-fulfilling prophecies.

  • Absolutely not. You remain firmly in the driver's seat of your life's journey. The distinction lies in whether you make decisions based on your needs and desires or on insights about the path ahead (how life or a given situation is likely to unfold). With Ancient Wisdom Lore as your guide, your will becomes truly liberated, as you are equipped with the knowledge to make informed choices.

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