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The amount of knowledge humanity gathers currently doubles every 12 hours! With so much knowledge readily available, literally at your fingertips, you now seamlessly unfold your unique potential, living a life filled with success and happiness, don’t you? Unfortunately, for most of us, that’s not the case. Instead, chances are high that you face higher expectations, more stress, and constant challenges, be it in your private or professional life.

What is going wrong? That was my question and it may be yours as well. The answer I found was surprisingly simple: Ever more knowledge can lead to ever more comfort and security (at least for some), but for lasting success and happiness you need an additional ingredient: You need wisdom.

My answer initiated a 20-year journey into ancient times when wisdom flourished. It resulted in the founding of my company, offering you consultations, coaching, and courses based on highly practical wisdom methods of the Indian subcontinent. Here you find time-proved and inspired support to further unfold your unique potential for reaching your goals more fully and faster.



So, who is

Bernd Roessler?

School was never my cup of tea, a chore I endured with a shrug. Surprisingly today I look back on decades of relentless study. What happened? It all began amidst the intricacies of physiotherapy and osteopathy, where I found myself enthralled by the fascinating connections between the body's systems. This ignited a hunger for deeper understanding, leading me on an inspiring odyssey through Indian Wisdom Lore, under the tutelage of my esteemed mentor, Hart deFouw.

Two decades of profound immersion unveiled the dance between our life’s success and happiness, and its connection with our environment, from our body's features to the celestial dance of stars. Today, I harness the wisdom gained from Jyotisha, Sāmudrika, and Vāstu to guide, coach, and teach others, empowering them to resolve their challenges, unleash their unique potential, and achieve their aspirations faster and more fully.


Reach out to us to discover how you can apply this wisdom to your own life through transformative courses, personalized consultations, and expert coaching with me.

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Eastern wisdom traditions, deeply rooted in holistic principles, embrace the interconnectedness of all things. Experts in these traditions never lose sight of this interconnectedness, bridging the gap between disciplines with profound understanding.

Jyotisha, my field of expertise, embodies this holistic approach. As a well-trained practitioner and teacher of Jyotisha, I've learned that while Jyotisha offers profound insights, it's not a panacea. Instead, my traditional training has equipped me to bridge the gap between Jyotisha and adjacent disciplines, all aimed at supporting and empowering my clients and students to reach their goals more fully and faster by unfolding and expanding their potential. Sāmudrika (Vedic body lore) and Vāstu (Vedic design) stand out as complementary fields to Jyotisha. These disciplines inspire and enrich each other, creating a synergistic effect that amplifies their individual strengths.

Jyotisha Darshana, the seamless integration of these three disciplines, offers a holistic perspective on life through the lens of Indian Astrology. It's a radiant view that focuses on light – the light of the stars, the light of inspiration, and the light that illuminates our full potential, allowing us to shine brightly.

Despite prior experiences with ineffective Jyotishis and initial skepticism about a non-Indian consultant, my doubts vanished after meeting Bernd. His deep knowledge and genuine humility, combined with my friends' high regard for him, quickly built trust.


Bernd's true strength lies in uncovering your Prakriti and pinpointing your habits for self-awareness. This, along with surprisingly accurate predictions, empowered me to navigate life's challenges. Beyond personal insights, Jyotisha with Bernd revealed opportunities, deepened my connection with my partner, and strengthened our relationship. It's a journey of self-discovery, not fortune-telling. Absolutely recommended!

Sagar Desai

Social Sector Consultant

Brooklyn, NY

Prior to my first consultation, I wasn't sure what to expect. It was, in the end, my inherent curiosity that prompted me to book one. Bernd is an excellent listener, always attentive to my concerns. He has a calming presence that grounds me. His mastery of diverse methods allows him to provide me with personalized advice, tailored specifically to my needs. He doesn't impose his opinions or sugarcoat things; instead, Bernd offers a remarkably precise external perspective on my situation.

I've had several consultations now, and I've always enjoyed them. As for the price? I no longer even think about it. I've recommended Bernd to several people already. It's simply fascinating to gain a deeper understanding of oneself and receive ongoing support.

Beate Tschirch

Creative Impulse-Coaching

Wiesbaden, Germany

As a multi-faceted performer, I constantly seek self-improvement. Past experiences left me confused, but Bernd provided a revelation. His uncanny accuracy about my abilities, challenges, and path instilled immense trust. His coaching strikes a balance – approachable, yet professional – and focuses on truth for progress. Unlike generic seminars, Bernd's personalized insights resonated deeply, offering a foundation for growth unlike any before. If you're seeking self-understanding, Bernd's consultations are invaluable. They won't overwhelm, and even a single "aha" moment is worth it.


Through him, I discovered I'm exactly where I need to be, empowered with the ability to recognise and evaluate my behaviour. This relaxed consultation, requiring only birthdate and hand photos, provided clarity, direction, and a personalised key phrase for my journey. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a path forward.

Tobias Buecklein

Musician, Moderator, Impact Coach

Konstanz, Germany

Consultations often lack substance. Not with Bernd. When I hit a wall, his outsider's perspective offers fresh solutions. He tackles tough issues head-on with gentle guidance, addressing my thought patterns and behavior.


Bernd empowers me, not dictates. He clarifies options and helps me choose a path that feels right. The feeling of being stuck vanishes, replaced by clarity and action. Consulting with Bernd unlocked my potential.  He saw the potential for my practice, affirming it aligned with my experiences. His consultations are honest and judgment-free, reflecting your true essence. If you seek mindful decisions, I highly recommend Bernd.

Filomena A. Lorenz

Sexologist & Couples Coach

Stuttgart, Germany


Ingrid Winkler

Business Coach

Grabenstaett, Germany

Bernhard Conradi

Senior Manager

Oberursel, Germany

Gunther Reber

Hiking Coach, Author

Schwaebisch Hall, Germany



Are you tired of falling short of your expectations? Do you long for insight enabling you to make potent decisions, which empower your success and promise contentment?

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