Bernd Roessler

A passion for life coaching

Who am I?

Inspired realist

To summarise briefly, I began my career as a committed physiotherapist and as such derived great satisfaction from getting people back on their feet, physically. Then I discovered Jyotisha and Hasta Sāmudrika, and a little later Vāstu. This was a turning point for me. Therapy gave way to consultation. Since then I have used these three methods to help people with their challenges. I provide them with guidance and help with decision-making for the most varied questions and situations, as well as mapping out realistic prospects for their future.







My professional path

learning - understanding - shaping

2008 until today

Full-time consultant, teacher and author for Jyotisha, Hasta Sāmudrika and Vāstu.

2007 until today

Ongoing personal guidance and support from my mentor.

2010 -2013

Regular further training in San Francisco, Dallas and Toronto to deepen my knowledge of Jyotisha, Hasta Sāmudrika and Vāstu.

2005 - 2008

Periods of study ranging from five to eight months per year in San Francisco and Toronto, in the course of which I learned traditional Jyotisha, Hasta Sāmudrika and Vāstu from my mentor, Hart deFouw.


Completion of a one-year course in "Vedic Astrology" at the ACVA Online College (American Council for Vedic Astrology).

1989 - 2008

I had my own physiotherapy practices, which focused on osteopathic techniques and employed a large number of associates.

Professional Training

Blessed with a traditional teacher

  • Physiotherapy - Manual Medicine - Osteopathy

  • Completion of studies "Vedic astrology" at ACVA-Online-College

  • Training in Jyotisha, Hasta Sāmudrika and Vāstu with Hart deFouw

  • Traditional training with my mentor Hart deFouw

My practise

Advising and teaching

Life coaching is the transfer of knowledge.

  • In my consultations I share the insights I gain by observing horoscopes, hands and living spaces, so that my clients can make the best possible decisions about their concerns.
  • In the seminars that I offer, I share my traditional knowledge in order to give the participants access to the fascinating Vedic disciplines of astrology (Jyotisha), palm reading (Hasta Sāmudrika) and living space design (Vāstu).

Life Coaching Consultation

Building on your successes. Mitigating your challenges.


Life Coaching Seminars

Learn to understand and shape life – for yourself and for others.

Impressions from Coaching

At the pulse of Life

Together we will get to the core of your concerns. In a realistic and forward-looking manner. From the consultations as well as in the seminars, you will benefit from the traditional knowledge that my mentor passed on to me.

Together towards success

Use the moment

  • Get to know your strengths and challenges

  • Increase your success and your satisfaction

  • Learn to recognize and shape your opportunities

  • Enjoy being able to act with foresight


"I was talking to a friend one day about certain life questions I had, and she told me about Bernd.
Immediately I felt I had to contact him because I wanted to know what was in store for me, my life, my future. He's been so helpful in many ways and has been very specific and super accurate about every little detail he told me. I've never had this kind of coaching/advice in my life. Till the day of today I feel calm and very happy with the tools he gave me. Thank you, Bernd, you mean a lot to us, and we will be forever grateful!"

Oakland, California / USA

Publications and lectures

Time to browse

Over the years there have been opportunities to write and speak about my work and methods. Some of these media contributions can be found here.


Your first step. An important one.


"Good decisions help us to cultivate happiness and success."

- Bernd Roessler

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