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The Crucial Role Of The Lagna (Ascendant) In Jyotisha

Updated: Apr 10

We were on vacation in Brittany. Unlike the Black Forest, where I grew up, there were no tides, no fishing boats. The only "anchor" I knew was a guesthouse named Anchor serving large schnitzels.

Brittany, however, boasts the largest tidal range in Europe. What seemed like a collection of broken fishing boats to me was just a normal scene when the ebb replaced the tide.

If I were a boat owner, I'd probably prefer a calm Mediterranean harbor. But Brittany's fishermen have no choice – they must adapt to the local conditions.

How are you anchored?

In Jyotisha (Indian astrology), the Ascendant, known as Lagna (which translates to "to anchor, to moor"), is like a safe harbor. The better your horoscope is anchored, the more solid and stable you can face life's challenges.

Let's take a closer look at:

  • What the Lagna is all about

  • Why it's so crucial in Jyotisha

  • What exactly is being anchored

The Flaw of Sun Signs

You're probably familiar with the classic question: "What is your zodiac sign?" This approach, however, has a significant flaw in Jyotisha. The zodiac sign refers to the Sun's position in the sky at birth. Western astrology divides the Sun's annual path into 12 segments, assigning zodiac sign attributes to those born within each period.

This is a simple system, but how can it differentiate between people born within the same month? Jyotisha demands a more individualized approach, which the Ascendant precisely offers.

Individuality Begins with the Lagna

Ascendant, a Latin term, describes something rising. Our planet rotates daily, turning towards the east. While it feels stationary to us, the Sun, Moon, and stars appear to rise on the eastern horizon. When a person is born, we record the zodiac sign ascending on the eastern horizon, based on the point of sunrise. This sign becomes their Lagna (Ascendant).

The Earth completes one rotation every 24 hours, meaning the same sign reappears on the eastern horizon 24 hours later. During this time, each of the other zodiac signs also ascends as the Lagna. Since there are 12 signs, the Lagna changes, on average, every two hours.

With each Lagna change, the entire horoscope changes. We'll explore this further later. For now, know that the Lagna offers 360 times greater differentiation than the Sun-sign system in Western astrology.

The Lagna Pinpoints Your Life

Your life is unique. You look different, think differently, and face distinct challenges. The Lagna is the crucial factor in capturing this uniqueness. However, simply focusing on the zodiac sign ascending at birth wouldn't give us enough detail. The Lagna operates on a completely different level, determining the entire structure of the horoscope.

Depending on the Lagna, all 9 planets and all 12 zodiac signs are distributed across the horoscope. As the Lagna changes (approximately every two hours), the arrangement of all zodiac signs, and thus the position of all planets, also changes.

Each planet rules specific areas of the horoscope, which represent themes like relationships, career, and health. Therefore, as the arrangement of zodiac signs changes, the way these themes manifest also changes.

The Lagna genuinely anchors your life. It determines how your life unfolds in areas like relationships, career, finances, family, health, and more. But there's more...

Harnessing the Tides with Your Lagna

The Lagna not only reveals what to expect but also shows how to navigate it. It helps you develop the best strategy to seize opportunities and cushion challenges.

  • Do you excel at leading and organizing your environment?

  • Or are you better at adapting to the flow of events?

These are just two options, each requiring entirely different strategies. Just like the fishermen in Brittany who don't just learn to steer a boat, you too can learn how to use the tides – your Lagna – to your advantage.

In my consultations, coaching, and courses, we follow this approach. We don't just observe what lies ahead; we use your unique Lagna insights to define how you can shape your future.


Jyotisha refers to the Ascendant as Lagna, meaning "to anchor, to moor." The Lagna allows for a high degree of differentiation, capturing your individual uniqueness, unlike the typical zodiac sign.

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