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Jyotisha Darshana 1-Year Program

Exploring the ancient secrets of life and creation

Course Commencement Date: 7th May, 2024

Navigating the Course.

A Brief Overview

In this comprehensive 1-year online-program you are about to study the three limbs
of Jyotisha Darshana: Jyotisha, Sāmudrika and Vāstu. Learn the art of interpreting
horoscopes, decipher the markings and forms that reveal the human body's secrets,
and explore the arrangements of shapes and light and their effects for given places,
like your home or workspace.

The knowledge you gain by participating in this course will not only elevate your
understanding of life's potential, but empowers you to utilize these insights to
achieve success and happiness, both for yourself and for others.

Study the vital forces shaping our world, including your unique opportunities and challenges. Deeply embrace the patterns reflecting these creative dynamics by studying the subtle knowledge unveiled by ancient seers.

Jyotisha: Learn the patterns formed by the planets and stars enabling you to access the past, presence and future.

Sāmudrika: Study the patterns given by the human body’s shapes and markings unveiling the potential of individuals.

Vāstu: Gain insight into the patterns presented by our natural and built environment supporting (or obstructing) our success and happiness.


via skymaps, body shapes and compass directions to empower human potential


safely in a world of mesmerizing creative forces unveiled by subtle ancient knowledge


the best life for yourself and others


yourself and those dear to you with the timeless wisdom of Ancient Lore


Regular - € 2450- / $ 2640-

  • 50 x Weekly Classes

  • 4 x Refresher Bootcamps


Premium - € 2500- / $ 2700-

  • 50 x Weekly Classes

  • 4 x Refresher Bootcamps

  • 3 x The Lab (Workshops)

  • Daily Fresh-up Question

  • Monthly Self-Testing Quizzes


Jyotisha: Navigating the Indian horoscope and its elements (Graha, Rāśi, Bhāva, Nakshatra), skillful timing (Dashā, Gocara), analyzing and predicting specific themes, talents, challenges and opportunities in a person’s life.

Sāmudrika: Using the hands and face for access to a person’s life, exploring mimic, gestures and gait in combination with Jyotisha to unveil the potential and reality of individuals.

Vāstu: Using the Compass-Directions, the Dik-Pāla-Cakra, the Nava-Pada-Cakra, the Five Elements and other details of a building’s, a room’s or an object’s arrangement to create a flow of vital energy supporting success and happiness.

The Weekly

06:00PM - 08:00 PM (CET-Berlin)
12:00PM - 02:00 PM (ET-New York)

First Class on May 7th 2024

Refresher Bootcamp

4 x Saturday
03:00PM - 07:00 PM (CET-Berlin)
09:00AM - 01:00 PM (ET-New York)

● July 20th 2024

● October 12th 2024

● January 25th 2025

● April 26th 2025

The Lab

3 x Saturday

03:00PM - 06:00 PM (CET-Berlin)
09:00AM - 12:00 PM (ET-New York)

● August 10th 2024

● December 14th 2024

● March 8th 2025

  • Placing your name on the waiting list for a course ensures priority access to the booking page when registrations open. Given the high demand for our courses, which often sell out within hours, joining the waiting list is essential for those genuinely interested in participating.

  • To ensure the best possible outcomes for each student, the study of Ancient Wisdom Lore requires dedication and commitment. When a service is constantly available and readily accessible, it can become a mere commodity, undermining the necessary discipline and focus needed to seriously delve into the subtle knowledge of Ancient Wisdom Lore as taught in our courses. By limiting the availability of our courses, both live and self-study, we aim to foster a community of passionate learners who are genuinely invested in the subject matter.

  • When delving into the world of Ancient Wisdom Lore, community plays a pivotal role in your progress. Mastering this profound knowledge relies on three pillars: the quality of the instruction and content, the individual effort of each student, and the benefits derived from collaborative interactions with fellow learners. Our courses meticulously address all three aspects, creating a supportive environment where you can connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and learn from each other's perspectives. Embrace the opportunity to join this vibrant community, where the collective power of shared knowledge and mutual support will accelerate your journey into Ancient Wisdom Lore.



Absolutely! The Jyotish Darshana Program lays a solid foundation in Jyotisha, Vāstu, and Sāmudrika methodically. Bernd's non-pressuring approach underscores the program's commitment to genuine knowledge transfer. His depth of knowledge and sincere teaching style shine through, making it perfect for serious learners. Bernd simplifies complex concepts with practical examples, enhancing real-time learning.


The Saturday marathon sessions are a highlight, deepening understanding and refining skills. Group interactions foster exchange, clearing doubts, and collaborative chart work, fostering a sense of community in our exploration of Jyotisha Darshana.

Prachi Deshpande

Ayurvedic Practitioner


Juggling work and single parenthood, learning Jyotisha Darshana seemed like a distant dream. Fear of commitment held me back. But a leap of faith ignited a transformative journey. As I delved deeper, I discovered life's challenges hold hidden opportunities. Jyotisha Darshana empowers me to see the potential within myself and others, guiding them towards fulfilling their highest potential.

This program goes beyond technical knowledge. It's about unlocking potential, fostering optimism, and witnessing the magic of empowerment. If you're ready to embark on a playful adventure of self-discovery and empower others, take the leap! Jyotisha Darshana awaits.

Hannah Hannah

Charlotte, NC

Initially overwhelmed by the year-long Jyotisha Darshana program, I discovered that dedicating just two hours a week made it surprisingly manageable. Now, I find myself gazing at the predawn sky, identifying planets and contemplating their deeper meanings.


Beyond personal growth, Jyotisha Darshana serves as a gateway to the rich Vedic tradition, igniting a desire to delve deeper into its wisdom, language, and mantras. It challenges you to adopt a fresh perspective, fostering mental stimulation that broadens your worldview and deepens your understanding of yourself and the universe. If you're ready to invest in yourself, this program comes highly recommended.

Peter Kuplast

Mansfield, MA

As a performer, musician, presenter, and YouTuber, I was looking for clarity and a sense of direction to help me make better decisions. Bernd's consultation gave me exactly that. Bernd is a friendly, benevolent, and independent coach who has helped me to better understand and develop myself. I can recommend his consultation to anyone who wants to work on themselves and steer their life in the right direction.

Tobi Buecklein

Konstanz, Germany


Though I'm well-versed in the details of our offerings, I won't hesitate to share my enthusiasm with you. However, I believe the most impactful perspective comes from those who have actually experienced these courses.


Each study shapes a new mindset, but exploring the lore of Ancient Wisdom goes beyond mere formation. It cultivates a profound understanding of life itself while simultaneously unlocking your unique creative potential.


Join the joy of learning, and I look forward to welcoming you to class!

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